The top 10 bets you can make on the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup has tons of markets that you can choose to bet in and maximize your earnings. It’s important to explore different options until you find the one that matches your preferences and betting style. It can take a while, but it can help you improve your skills and perform better.

Here we explain the top ten bets you can make on the 2022 World Cup and how you can make the most of your betting journey on link vwin in easy steps.

Top 10 bets on the FIFA 2022 World Cup

1.    Outright

“Outright” is a market where you choose the team that will win the championship. You can take into account favorites and underdogs. At the moment, France and Brazil are the favorites.

2.    Over/Under

The Over/Under market applies to matches. Again, you’ll choose whether the overall match will go over or under a particular score this time. The typical “spread” is 2.5.

3.     Both teams score

This bet is a bit more complex. First, you’ll have to predict if both teams will score during the match. Plus, you’re also required to choose the winner.

4.    Double chance

“Double chance” puts an exciting twist on the final result. You’ll be choosing two different outcomes – for instance, home win or draw. It’s mostly used to back the underdog.

5.    European handicap

The match starts with one team having a pre-established advantage (goals) regarding the opposite team. For instance, if Team A has -1 EH against Team B, that means that Team A must win by two goals for you to win the bet.

6.    Asian Handicap

It is similar to the European handicap but puts less weight on draws and doesn’t consider them. The typical odds are similar to this: Team A -1.5 vs. Team B +1.5.

7.    Correct score

If you feel like today’s a good day, you can choose to bet on the correct score. But, of course, you’d be predicting the overall score of the game with both teams combined.

8.    First goals scorer

This bet requires choosing the first team to score during the match.

9.    Draw no bet

This type of bet allows you to choose between home wins or away wins. In addition, you’ll get a refund if there’s a draw.

10.  Clean sheet

Lastly, you can also choose to bet for the clean sheet. Again, you’d be betting for a particular team since you trust their defensive competence will stop the opposite team from scoring. If you know your teams very well, it may not be so hard to predict!

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